Project Description

360 Series

A vinyl solution

Exposure has provided the amplification for vinyl for 50 years and now offers an A to Z Vinyl solution.  The 360 Turntable is in response to our customers’ demand for a turntable that perfectly complements our music loving range of electronics.

360 Turntable:

  • Plinth is made from a lightweight laminate, using polyurethane foam as its core
  • Isolation feet made from santoprene rubber and reinforced by aluminium
  • Ultra-low friction brass hub for the bearing
  • 24V motor with aluminium pulley
  • High quality precision tonearm
  • External power supply unit which includes a precision speed controller for improved speed stability
  • Power supply unit incorporates push button speed selection for 33.3RPM and 45RPM
  • Available in Black
  • Download product information sheet here