Project Description

3010 Series

Hear it as the musicians intended

Our 3010 Series is a master-class in amplification. Created by one of the world’s most respected Hi-Fi brands, our 3010 Series will deliver your music with an accuracy and power you would never expect from a product so competitively priced.

3010S2D Integrated Amplifier:

UK RRP £1,995

3010S2D Pre-Amplifier:

UK RRP £1,255

3010S2D Stereo Power Amplifier:

UK RRP £1,355

3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier:

UK RRP £2,295 (per pair)

3010S2D & 5010 DAC Plug-in Board:

UK RRP £410

3010S2 & 5010 MM Board:

UK RRP £300

3010S2 & 5010 MC Board:

UK RRP £300