About Us

Artistry in audio since 1974

Exposure has been perfecting the art of creating real Hi-Fi for real music lovers since 1974. In that time a lot has changed in the audio market. One thing has stayed consistent though, and that’s our absolute commitment to never compromise on quality, whilst designing and building the best sounding and affordable Hi-Fi that we can. 

All of our products are designed, engineered and proudly manufactured in Britain by a talented team of audio engineers who are passionate about the reproduction of music. Our goal is quite simple; ‘To deliver music as accurately as possible’. 

Sounds simple enough, but it takes years of skilled engineering, science and some great ears to achieve. This is our goal and one that we will continue to pursue. 

With Music in Mind

Hi-Fi that paints musical pictures

Real music lovers, you know who you are. You also probably know what you want. A simple yet stylish system that brings your cherished music collection to life, not one that looks garish or requires a scary financial investment. All of our products are built to our standards and not to a price, simple to operate and maintain, and above all outstanding value for money. 

Every one of our Hi-Fi components will reward you with real music. Hair-raising and spine-tingling listening experiences. Exposure’s Hi-Fi is renowned for its ‘rightness’ of sound. There is a delicacy in the upper ranges and openness in the mid-range, all of it underpinned by deep yet agile bass that dances along, pulling you deeper into your favourite tracks.

To put it another way, our design philosophy is to make Hi-Fi that gets on with the task of accurately reproducing any and every kind of music, while the equipment itself hides in the background. Which is how it should be, since real music lovers prefer to listen to their music rather than their Hi-Fi.  

Our Products

Our award-winning products

Expert Recognition

Proud to be international Hi-Fi press award winners

Some people would lead you to believe that all Hi-Fi sounds the same, regardless of cost. It seems that we are not the only people to disagree with that statement. Over the years we have been flattered to win numerous awards from the international Hi-Fi press, awards that are hard won, not just given out!

We constantly strive to create products that consistently outperform their direct competitors at prices that are as astounding as their performance. The recognition we have amassed is testament to our ethos that not all Hi-Fi is created equal.

But as critical and demanding as journalists are, you are the ultimate judge of our products. So why not contact your local dealer to listen to them today and see for yourself, how you can be rewarded with a musical experience you’ll want to repeat, time after time.

Dealer Network

Experience Exposure at a specialist near you

Your friends and family, journalists and even video reviews can all say how good something is, but the only way to truly find out is to experience it for yourself. This is something we wholeheartedly recommend you do. Because only then, can you appreciate the time, artistry and passion that has gone into each and every product we make.

Exposure is available worldwide from a select network of specialist dealers run by people who know a thing or two about the complex relationship between people, Hi-Fi and music. From our 2510 and XM Series to our 3510, 5010 and VXN Series, we know that you will be as delighted with the price as much as the sound. 

So, if the time is right, contact your local dealer today and experience for yourself, why Exposure’s Hi-Fi is so musically accurate, rewarding and respected the world over. 

Contact Us

Here at Exposure we’re experts at listening

If you’ve got a burning question you need to ask, or just fancy a chat about our products, please do get in touch with us. We are here to help you with any product advice or technical issues you may have. So go on, don’t be shy, contact us today. Unit 18, Winston Business Centre, 43 Chartwell Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8TU  +44 1273 423877

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